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Early Works

Track Listing

Radio Control/ Foxhole Blowtorch

Indian Loop Trick

Logicals 1

Caution: Fish

Biplane Sky

Caught in a Web


No sex please, we’re slave owners

Sirens of Titan Part I

Logicals 2


Sirens of Titan Part II

Squeaky Moon Toy Parts III-IV


This album contains some of the earliest recordings from BadHeadDay.

At this time the process used a 4-track tape machine, a Yamaha DJX, a Roland R8 drum machine, a few guitar pedals and whoever had popped over.

You could describe this album as a window into the mind at it's most primal, searching for a new set of answers to the question, what is music? That's taking it too seriously, we're just mucking around making noises.

Yes, it's messy and maybe just a curiosity, but I still find it oddly compelling. Even if it's just a reminder of where it all began.

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