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Hedphonik Orange

This was a project that ran from the summer of 2003 until the summer of 2007. I was approached by Nick Conroy (Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards and Programming) and Jim Vanstone (Guitars) who were looking for a drummer for the songs they were writing. 

We started to rehearse and by chance were immediately offered a festival slot a few short weeks away. It was quicker to work out how to play over some unfinished BadHeadDay pieces than complete a set of songs in the direction we initially started off in. And thus was born Hedphonik Orange, Scott Heasmer (on Didgeridoo) joined and we captured a performance of this on Live at the Om Cafe.

Scott left soon after and following a period as a three piece we were joined by Beatrice Gullick (on Bass).

Hedphonik Orange Cycles
Hedphonik Orange Dubnomatronic Turn On
Hedphonik Orange El Tres Non-Egos
Hedphonik Orange Sonus
Hedphonik Orange Maze
Hedphonik Orange Zolab
Hedphonik Orange
Hedphonik Orange
Hedphonik Orange Live At The Om Cafe

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