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BadHeadDay is the 'other stuff' from Simon Dobell. An idea that led to the acquisition of a 4-track tape machine and a Roland R8 drum machine a guitar and some cheap FX pedals. Some of these early experiments have been kept on Early Works and Album 1. That led to an foray into computer based music with Well it's the Middle of My Road and Dub Plates. The final album in that chapter is My Evil Twin which is essentially a live performance in collaboration with Beatrice Gullick.

In 2003 the project was put on hold as I joined Nick Conroy and Jim Vanstone (also Scott Heasmer and Beatrice Gullick in varying lineups) to form Hedphonik Orange and this continued until 2007 when I joined Red Diesel, now known as The Fabulous Red Diesel.

Then in 2016 I bought a modular synthesiser, just a basic system but it quickly grew.


In March 2019 the first collection of pieces made exclusively on the modular system - The Neufaceov Conjecture - was released. 

In May 2021 two albums were released - Selected Generative Modular Pieces (Volumes 1 and 2).

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